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Mac Sierra - Amazon AWS CLI Easy Installer


    Switch to the download folder

    $ cd ~/Downloads

    Download the AWS CLI Bundled Installer.

    $ curl "https://s3.amazonaws.com/aws-cli/awscli-bundle.zip" -o "awscli-bundle.zip"

    Unzip the package.

    $ unzip awscli-bundle.zip


    If you don't have unzip, use your Linux distribution's built in package manager to install it.

    Run the install executable.

    $ sudo ./awscli-bundle/install -i /usr/local/aws -b /usr/local/bin/aws


    By default, the install script runs under the system default version of Python. If you have installed an alternative version of Python and want to use that to install the AWS CLI, run the install script with that version by absolute path to the Python executable. For example:

    $ sudo /usr/local/bin/python2.7 awscli-bundle/install -i /usr/local/aws -b /usr/local/bin/aws

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