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dotnet CLI for Entity Framework Core Tools

To get "dotnet ef" you have to install Entity Framework Core Tools




$ dotnet tool install --global dotnet-ef

$ cat << \EOF >> ~/.zprofile

# Add .NET Core SDK tools

export PATH="$PATH:/Users/ramiscaray/.dotnet/tools"


# Make available to current session
$ zsh -l

$ dotnet add package Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Design

$ dotnet ef

$ dotnet ef migrations add AddBookDatabase

$ dotnet ef database update

.NET 5 is .NET Core renamed

.NET 5 is what should have been .NET Core 4.x.  Microsoft instead renamed it for two reason according to an article they posted.

"We skipped version numbers 4.x to avoid confusion with .NET Framework 4.x.

We dropped "Core" from the name to emphasize that this is the main implementation of .NET going forward. .NET 5.0 supports more types of apps and more platforms than .NET Core or .NET Framework.

ASP.NET Core 5.0 is based on .NET 5.0 but retains the name "Core" to avoid confusing it with ASP.NET MVC 5. Likewise, Entity Framework Core 5.0 retains the name "Core" to avoid confusing it with Entity Framework 5 and 6."