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Google Cloud switch between multiple accounts project in App Engine

View gcloud configuration:

$ gcloud config list

You should see something like:

account = your.account@gmail.com
disable_usage_reporting = True
project = myproject-somename-123467

Your active configuration is: [default]

Unset the current cloud project

$ gcloud config unset project

Set the new project.  Your current App Engine name is something like:  my-other-project.appspot.com
Just use the first part without the appspot.com

$ gcloud config set project my-other-project

Run gcloud app deploy now

$ gcloud app deploy

You should see it now say something like

Services to deploy:

descriptor:      [/Users/yourname/Source/Repos/appengine/app.yaml]
source:          [/Users/yourname/Source/Repos/appengine]
target project:  [my-other-project]
target service:  [default]
target version:  [20181218t202435]
target url:      [https://my-other-project.appspot.com]

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