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How To : MSDN .NET Framework 4.5 ADO.NET Asynchronous Programming Examples : Legacy, New, Mixing Patterns, more...

How to .NET Framework 4.5 ADO.NET examples on Asynchronous Programming Examples

I found this great MSDN reference for examples on Asynchronous Programming


  • Asynchronous Programming
  • Legacy Asynchronous Programming
    • SqlCommand.BeginExecuteNonQuery
    • SqlCommand.BeginExecuteReader
    • SqlCommand.BeginExecuteXmlReader
  • Asynchronous Programming Features Added in .NET Framework 4.5
    • For more information about the asynchronous programming feature that was introduced in .NET Framework 4.5, see:
      • Visual Studio Asynchronous Programming
      • Using SqlDataReader’s new async methods in .Net 4.5 (Part 1)
      • Using SqlDataReader’s new async methods in .Net 4.5 (Part 2)
    • The following methods were added in .NET Framework 4.5 to support asynchronous programming:
      • DbConnection.OpenAsync
      • DbCommand.ExecuteDbDataReaderAsync
      • DbCommand.ExecuteNonQueryAsync
      • DbCommand.ExecuteReaderAsync
      • DbCommand.ExecuteScalarAsync
      • GetFieldValueAsync
      • IsDBNullAsync
      • DbDataReader.NextResultAsync
      • DbDataReader.ReadAsync
      • SqlConnection.OpenAsync
      • SqlCommand.ExecuteNonQueryAsync
      • SqlCommand.ExecuteReaderAsync
      • SqlCommand.ExecuteScalarAsync
      • SqlCommand.ExecuteXmlReaderAsync
      • SqlDataReader.NextResultAsync
      • SqlDataReader.ReadAsync
      • SqlBulkCopy.WriteToServerAsync
    • Synchronous to Asynchronous Connection Open Example
    • Adding the New Asynchronous Feature in an Existing Application (Mixing Old and New Patterns) Example
    • Using the Base Provider Model and the New Asynchronous Feature Example
    • Using SQL Transactions and the New Asynchronous Feature Example
    • Using SQL Transactions and the New Asynchronous Feature Example
    • Cancelling an Asynchronous Operation Example
    • Asynchronous Operations with SqlBulkCopy Example
    • Asynchronously Using Multiple Commands with MARS Example
    • Asynchronously Reading and Updating Data with MARS Example

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