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Helpful Links : Microsoft : Documentation : Better Unit Testing with Microsoft Fakes (Published April 2014)

Visual Studio 2013

Microsoft has published a document that represents the current view of Microsoft on Unit Tests from the Visual Studio ALM (Application Lifecycle Management)  Rangers Team.

          Website: Visual Studio Test Tooling Guides

Also there is additional documentation:

Here is the documentation for download:

The guidance includes the following artifacts:

  • Poster - Encountering IntelliTrace technology in DevOps
  • Poster - Resolving bugs in DevOps with the help of IntelliTrace
  • Cheatsheet - Build Master DevOps and IntelliTrace Checklist
  • Cheatsheet - IntelliTrace Cheat Sheet
  • Cheatsheet - Ops view of DevOps and IntelliTrace
  • Hands-on Lab - Build (Symbols Configuration & Build)
  • Hands-on Lab - Dev (Client Side No Symbols Found Resolution)
  • Hands-on Lab - Ops (Collection for WPF Rich Client)
  • Quick Reference Guide - Developer view of DevOps and IntelliTrace
Additional Helpful links:

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