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NodeJS Code for Chat Application with Redis

Sign up for a FREE Redis DB account at RedisLab.

After logging into RedisLabs, click on Manage My Resources
Click "New Redis Subscription"
Choose the Standard Tab > 30MB Free Version

Enter a Resource Name (Example: MyRedisDb)
Enter a Password (Example: P@ssw0rd)
Click "Activate".

This will take you the activation screen.

Click on My Resources

Click on the newly created Db (Example: MyRedisDb)
You will use the EndPoint defined for using within your chat application

  1. Unzip the NodeChat.zip file to a directory
  2. Edit Chat_App.js and Set:
  3. var redisPort = (Example:  12345)
  4. var redisUrl = (Example: pub-redis-12345.us-east-1-2.3.ecc.data.com)
  5. var redisPassword = (Example: P@ssw0rd)
  6. Save.
Run the chat app:  node chat_app.js

Download the Chat App: chat_app.zip (3.5MB)

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