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Troubleshooting Problem : Slow Performance : Microsoft : TFS (Team Foundation Server) 2012

If you have issues with TFS being very slow and get the below error message, there could be an issue with the number of items associated with your workspace. 

Error Message:

TF401190: The local workspace RAmiscaray;Robert Amiscaray has 101150 items in it, which exceeds the recommended limit of 100000 items.  To improve performance, either reduce the number of items in the workspace, or convert the workspace to a server workspace.

Your workspace has to many linked items in TFS. 


  1. From Visual Studio, choose the slow performing workspace.
  2. Choose the Source Control explorer
  3. Remove project mappings from the slow performing workspace.  You may need to do several.
  4. Create a new workspace and add the previously removed project mappings.  Repeat.
  5. Keep workspaces by project mappings to a minimum.
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